People send their iPods in from all over the world for these guys to fix them, and they are right here in Edmonton. When my daughter's iPhone broke, I looked around for a place to fix it. This store was ethical enough to tell me that some employees were out ill and that it would be a wait before they would get to my job. So I went to two different places thinking that I could get it done quicker (yeah, they got one star reviews). After having my time wasted by people who DIDN'T give me a heads up that they couldn't get the job done - excuse after excuse - no parts, nobody here does the work - yadda yadda yadda - enough time had passed that I figured the folks at this store must surely be well again. Took the phone over there and dropped it off, and had a nice conversation with the very friendly folks there. It was ready the next day. They did a remarkable job fixing the iPhone, even though the Apple guys told us it was beyond hope, shuddering and uttering the deadly words, "water damage."

We have a little hidden treasure here in Edmonton, the world's best iPod Repair place. Gotta love these guys, and their most common words, "Sure. We can fix it."

Donnette T. - Source: iPod Repair Center Yelp Page



Amazing! My iPod classic's headphone jack broke, so I Googled 'ipod repair edmonton' and this place came up. I paid $45 for the repair (not too bad considering my other option was to buy a new iPod; at least $200) and paid an extra $25 for them to rush. They told me for the extra $25 they'd have it done in less than 24 hours, but before I even made it home, they called me to come pick it up. It took them less than 45 minutes to replace my headphone jack, which is AMAZING, and now my iPod is working beautifully. I would totally recommend this place to anyone needing an iPod/iPhone repair, because we all know Apple's strong point isn't doing repairs for cheap.

I'm overall VERY happy with my experience @ iPod Repair Center, and if I have any more problems with my device, I know exactly where to come.

Kayla B. - Source: iPod Repair Center Yelp Page


I highly recommend this place to anyone or everyone who needs to get there Ipod, Iphone, Ipad fixed, amazing service and great prices, they also do emergency repairs for a small fee. They do sell parts too if you are handy in fixing things yourselves.

Kim Kline Ritzema - Source: iPod Repair Center Facebook Page

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